About me

Hey, I'm a big Fallout fan. I also love to write. It took me a lot of time to make this step, but I have finally decided - there will be no further delays. I know how much we used to love the Fallout world, the game and everything that comes with it. As a tribute to the developers and the gamers, I'd like to give you a brand new novel - Fallout novel. Let's show things like these are immortal and live forever.

Of course, since I'm Polish, all the chapters published on this blog will be written in polish language. With any luck, those will also be translated into english. If you'd like to help, just let me know. It's much appreciated.

And one more thing, there is no money intention behind this. It's all about sharing a great story, emotions and the Fallout universe that we still do love. In a brend new form.

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  1. AS-R ty czasem nie byłeś administratorem forum FOnline: 2238?

    1. Nie, ale trochę kiedyś grałem w najlepszym polskim klanie rozrabiaków ;-)